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Preseason Injuries Will Have Huge Impact On Dolphins, Redskins

The National Football League is not yet finished with the second week of the preseason and a number of injuries will play a role in determining several teams’ postseason hopes. The biggest of those injuries may be to Miami Dolphin’s QB Ryan Tannehill who suffered a season-ending knee injury in a non-contact drill during a Dolphins’ practice. With Tannehill out, head coach Adam Gase and the Dolphins’ chances of repeating their 10-6 mark of a year ago is highly unlikely. Miami signed former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler as a result of Tannehill’s injury. The Tannehill injury is not the only one that will have an impact on the Dolphins. Linebacker Raekwon McMillan, a second-round draft pick out of Ohio State was the projected starter for Miami at middle linebacker. At 6-foot-2 and 248 pounds, McMillan is a rare blend of size, speed, and tenacity that would have been a phenomenal addition to the Dolphins defense. Unfortunately, McMillan will also miss the season after suffering a knee injury in Miami’s first preseason game against Atlanta. McMillan tore the ACL in his right knee while covering a punt for Miami. The play occurred before the former Ohio State star ever played a snap on defense. Now, the Dolphins will likely turn to veteran Lawrence Timmons or Mike Hull, former Butkus Award winner at Penn State. The Washington Redskins also face...

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Copywriting…Isn’t That Just Like Article Writing?

One of the most significant mistakes that business owners make, while trying to market their brand, is not getting a professional to write their sales copy. It may seem intuitive that all good writers should be able to write copy, but that is far from the case. A good copywriter converts readers to dollars. A great copywriter does it every time. When the bottom line is whether or not your products sell, and by extension, whether or not you keep your lights on, this is a critically  important part of you business plan. Professional copywriters are the most sought after type of writers in business to business and business to consumer marketing. Tried and True business owners know the difference a copywriter will make in their conversion ratio, and in turn are happy to pay for a quality product. Young business owners make the mistake of trying to get their sales copy written for what they are paying for their unique content. A successful copywriter will never, let me repeat, never write copy at the same pay scale he or she will write articles and blog posts. If someone refers to themselves as a copywriter and is willing to do the work for a similar pay scale…don’t bite! You will be wasting your money. Bargain copywriters are either new copywriters with no conversion experience to rely on, or they...

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Why Do I Need Unique Content?

One thing is true, if you are reading this blog, you either know you need unique content or you are trying to determine whether you need unique content. Having been in your shoes, a number of years ago, we wholeheartedly understand your position. You keep hearing the phrase “content is king”. That’s great and all, but what does that really mean for the average website owner who is trying to expand their brand online? First and foremost, there is no traffic to your site without content. Ok, that’s not entirely true. You could pay for traffic by purchasing Google...

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Give Your Readers What They Want!

True alignment of your mission and service to others will drive you into stratospheric orbit. Each and every website should provide value to it’s reader. If the only purpose a website serves is to make money, success will be short lived, if at all. Enter, unique and educational content! The purpose of your website, newsletter or copy should be to provide your reader with a valuable take away message. Expertly written content will educate your reader, position you as an authority in your niche and keep your reader coming back for more. Unique content is relationship building content. It is...

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