One thing is true, if you are reading this blog, you either know you need unique content or you are trying to determine whether you need unique content. Having been in your shoes, a number of years ago, we wholeheartedly understand your position. You keep hearing the phrase “content is king”. That’s great and all, but what does that really mean for the average website owner who is trying to expand their brand online? First and foremost, there is no traffic to your site without content. Ok, that’s not entirely true. You could pay for traffic by purchasing Google Adwords or other advertising space. That may or may not be profitable for you, depending on how much you bid for your keywords, how marvelous your keyword research was, what your competition looks like and so on and so on. Bidding on Google Adwords is a specialty unto itself that has contractors marketing themselves solely on the basis of paid advertising campaigns with Google. So, more than likely, paid advertising is just too expensive and risky for the average website operator. What’s a potential business genius to do, if they can’t reliably buy their online traffic? The answer is, you can earn it.

Many factors make up why you rank where you do on Google. To digress for a moment, for the sake of this blog, we will only be referring to Google’s platform. We know there are others out there, but calling all the search engines Google is akin to calling all soda pop Coke. There is really currently, only one navigator of this ship, we regret to report. This is a good time to state the obvious. If you aren’t on the front page of Google, you don’t exist. To make matters even worse, if you aren’t in the top 3 organic search results, less than 25% of the people that search for those terms will even click on you. That places the onus of ranking well most heavily on factors that attract the search engine robots. The more unique the content is for the robots, the more rapidly you will climb in the search rankings. Unique content is interesting content content and that translates to new and unique visitors. Google is smart, as are all the search engines. They know when you are cheating. That is how Copyscape makes their money. Duplicate content and plagiarism not only don’t rank well, most SEO specialists believe that Google et al. penalize you for it. There are other methods, such as keywords, back-links, SEO/SEM and more, involved in climbing the organic search engine rankings. The experts agree, however, there are no other factors that effect organic search ranking to the extent that unique content does.

We know it is a big job trying to keep up with constantly posting new and interesting unique content-filled articles and posts. We also know that there is absolutely, positively no white hat short-cut to this process. If you want to rank, you must write and you must post. Our version of a favorite movie line; “write it and they will come”…Field of Dreams reference for you non-baseball fans.