One of the most significant mistakes that business owners make, while trying to market their brand, is not getting a professional to write their sales copy. It may seem intuitive that all good writers should be able to write copy, but that is far from the case. A good copywriter converts readers to dollars. A great copywriter does it every time. When the bottom line is whether or not your products sell, and by extension, whether or not you keep your lights on, this is a critically  important part of you business plan.

Professional copywriters are the most sought after type of writers in business to business and business to consumer marketing. Tried and True business owners know the difference a copywriter will make in their conversion ratio, and in turn are happy to pay for a quality product. Young business owners make the mistake of trying to get their sales copy written for what they are paying for their unique content. A successful copywriter will never, let me repeat, never write copy at the same pay scale he or she will write articles and blog posts. If someone refers to themselves as a copywriter and is willing to do the work for a similar pay scale…don’t bite! You will be wasting your money. Bargain copywriters are either new copywriters with no conversion experience to rely on, or they are ineffective copywriters. Either way, you are most likely pouring good money down the drain. Add the poorly written copy cost to the cost of the missed business opportunities and what you end up with is a tactical business error. I should pause here and relate that most copy that is written by inexperienced or low converting writers, looks perfectly fine from a grammatical standpoint. It is quite difficult to tell good copy from bad copy, if you are not experienced at reading high-converting copy. Business owners often make the mistake of thinking that because the copy reads beautifully, it should convert with flying colors. This is most certainly not the case. Professional, high-conversion copywriters know the hidden magic to holding the reader until the hook, or sales pitch, can be delivered. They also understand the niche consumers buying habits. Let’s be real; unless you are Walmart or the likes, we are all in a niche business sector. Within the confines of our own niche, our customers have varying demographics and therefore varying buying habits. A complete and thorough understanding of niche demographics will make or break your sales copy. This research takes time and as they say, “time is money”. This is were the cost of good copy comes into play. Research, research, research…there is no exception to good sales copy research. It just takes time.

Another mistake business owners make when sourcing sales copy is to expect a quick delivery on their product. As entrepreneurs, we are accustomed to rapid turn-over of content, sometimes with a 24 hour deadline. That’s fine, if all the writer is doing is research for an individual topic to be posted on your online property. Good sales copy, as previously mentioned, takes time. Expect to have a minimum 2 week turnover for quality copy. Unless you have a long-standing history with a copywriter that knows your niche, inside and out, 2 weeks is about as fast as you want a copywriter to be able to deliver the product. Anything short of two weeks correlates to insufficient research, and most likely, poorly converting sales copy.

We understand that quality sales copy is timely and expensive. We also know, for a fact, that beautifully written sales copy can pay for itself in a single sale. There are some areas in your business model, where money can be saved and costs can be cut, but your sales copy is not one of them.